The yachts I worked on

I had to continue my Instagram post on here because it seemed to be rather long, a lot longer then expected anyway hehe.

As I mentioned in a previous Instagram post I want to share with you my past yachting experiences. I think it's important that you know who I am, the real me, where I come from, my experiences yachting and in my personal life too.

I really did have a ball in yachting, all the yachts I worked on I absolutely loved in different ways, I learnt so so much about the industry, I made the best of friends and most importantly I learnt so much about myself. I truly became ME!

Yacht 1 - 56m Fedship

I got a job on here after being in Antibes for 2 days, I dock walked for 1 day but was also applying tonnes online so this job actually came from one of the online applications I applied for. I completed 2 days of day work and then was given the job as 3rd stewardess. I worked on board for around 6 months, doing general house keeping duties but mostly laundry (which btw I loved).

We were based in a small, out of the way shipyard in Fort Lauderdale (oh how I wished it was Rybovich) for around 4 months but also (thank god) we visited the BVI’s for 2 months on a boss trip, where we had some down time too which was amazing as I’d never been anywhere like that before. It is still one of my absolute fav places to this day and I was lucky enough to visit the BVI's two more times after this too. I worked with 2 amazing girls @beccie_boo_boo and @peta_peta_pan who I still talk to today 💜


Yacht 2 - 86m Oceanco

This yacht was MASSIVE compared to my last boat, and there were so many crew members too, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I joined this yacht as a service stew, as I knew this was the route I wanted to go down. I’d done a tonne of cocktail and waitress service prior to yachting so knew this is what I would enjoy. I learnt so much in this job, worked with some incredible girls who taught me loads, in particular @cloaloisab who was there with me from the start, then we had some awesome girls join us @saarasinpson 💜

This yacht was crazy busy, but we worked for an awesome family. They had large parties almost every night, large buffet’s full of the most wonderful Indian food (yes I did put on 5kg one summer as I ate my body weight in Butter chicken every night around 3am whilst we were tidying up. will remember this very well 😂 we made the best night team). A massive highlight for me was being chosen from the girls to go and be the sole stew on the owners sister boat in Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Again I learnt soooooo much I can’t even describe and it was an incredible learning experience as well as really fun, I absolutely thrived on it. A bonus to this trip was that my sister was working for Formula 1 at the time too so we got to meet for a nice dinner. I also did a lot of personal shopping for the family and their friends — Read my previous yachting Instagram post for this story.


Yacht 3 - 56m Amels

My boyfriend and I joined this yacht as a couple, second stew and 2nd offficer and it was the most perfect yacht for us, we worked with the most amazing crew and to this day are our absolute BEST FRIENDS 💜 @richard_smarty @tiffanyharperlee @elaine_baird @nixyuill @graeme_mackas @b_dango @haddonhaylee @andreajmccall @miekebossie

It was a charter yacht, so we had some awesome trips and experiences, some hard times too of course as with any yacht and especially charter yacht but we all thrived on the buzz of not knowing what to expect Ane we all worked so well as a team.

We had loadsssss of time off too which was insane because we travelled around everywhere and got to experience everywhere we went too — We were very lucky 🌟

I do feel so lucky and I am very appreciative of every experience I had, good and bad. Without either I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I cant wait to share even more with you. If there is anything you would like to read more of or like more information on let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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