How to live a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule

Hi ladies,

I am so happy to be blogging again. Continuing my thoughts, ideas and points I have on instagram but with more detail, examples and ways that you can implement these things or improve on (sorry I sometimes do blabber on!)

I wanted my first blog post to be on 'How to live a healthy lifestyle' because this is one of the MOST important things ever! Not only do you want to be and feel healthy just for life, but also there are many aspects other than what you eat and drink that contribute to a 'healthy lifestyle' your emotions, stress management, hobbies, positivity and so much more.

This is a MASSIVE subject and honestly I could talk about this for dayyyssssss, but i'm keeping it short and sweet and have provided you with 8 of my TOP TIPS. The ones that I think come above the rest and will truly help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

1. Bring your water bottle with you everywhere - Taking your water bottle everywhere with you entices you to drink more, because it's always there. There's no excuse with this one as you're allowed no matter where you are on the boat, you are allowed water. So order that reusable water bottle ladies and get sipping!

2. You shine from the inside out, and this starts with FOOD - There are so many ways in which you can implement a more healthy diet on board, don't get me wrong I know the amount of sweet treats there are and how hard it is to start away from these. One way I love and I did so often was request healthier options from the chef, I actually became a vegetarian whilst on board and this helped me eat way more veggies (that's a story for another day) Eating more raw foods is super good for you, how about on your mid morning break you have carrot sticks with hummus, an even better idea is make a cruidite board for the crew, trust me they will love it, guys wana be healthy too! Another idea is request from your chefs veggie Monday’s, a lot of boats are doing this now and it is so so great to see

3. Fit in movement or a workout - This doesn't mean that you need to do a one hour full body workout everyday, but just some form of different movement e.g. yoga, a 5 minute ab workout (this ones great to do with the girls in the crew mess) a 1 minute plank even stretching. Not only are these great for our health but also our mindset, and this is also part of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Put yourself first - This point is so important. So many of us think of others, which don't get me wrong is amazing but that doesn't mean that our OWN health, most importantly MENTAL HEALTH needs to be at the back end, because it doesn't, that always comes first!

5. Learn - This can be anything from listening to a podcast or a Ted Talk, to doing an online course (especially at the moment) or learning to knit in your cabin - the options are limitless! These activities take your mind off work and because you work and live in the same space, this can be hard to do. There are lots of online platforms to help you with this point.

6. Manage stress with self loving activities - Working on boats can have it's really stressful moments (especially when your next day off is so far out of sight!!) Doing things you love in your spare time from going for a run, doing a yoga practice to scrapbooking or making an inspiration board all make a difference to your mental wellbeing and state of mind. Doing things you have a true passion for puts you in a great mood, you feel more inspired and you radiate positivity to the people around you more.

7. Focus on how you feel - This is a very important one. Listen to your body and what it is telling you, if you feel tired then take a nap, don't force yourself to do a workout. If you aren't feeling as inspired one day, listen to a podcast instead of doing your social media.

8. Forgive yourself - We all have those moments. An example is sneaking the guests turn down chocolates form the cupboard, trust me I did that many many times (Ferrero Roches, my Sunrays girls know this all too well haha) ! Don't feel bad for it, you've done it now move on. Don't procrastinate these things, once it is done there is nothing you can do, and this is just adding stress to your body which you don't need. This is one of the hardest things to put into practise, but I promise you it is the best when you do forgive yourself quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and i cant wait to share even more with you. Like i said above if there is anything you would like to read more of or like more information on let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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