How to begin planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is a very exciting but super confusing time. I want to help you with the beginning stages, to get you started off the right way. Missing one of these crucial steps can mess things up further along down the line, so here it goes...

1. Budget

This is not the most fun step but a very crucial one. Determine the amount you are comfortable with, and if you have family are also helping out, work out a amount together. Don't forget to include a 10% splurge cushion, this is for unexpected things that may crop up. A lot of venues charge on guest consumption, so it's good to have this amount there incase you go over your initial budget. It's also there incase you want something spectacular, e.g. fireworks or an extended boat tour. Once you have this overall number, stick to it!

2. Prioritise

This is an important step, and will save you so much stress further down the line. Think about what are the most important things to you on your day? Is it the location, the DJ, the food available, the people that are there? Once you have these 3 things, everything else comes after.

3. Location Once you have the other two in place the first thing you book is your location. This is because nothing else can be planned or booked until your location has. Firstly decide on if you would like to get married near your home or would you like a destination wedding? One of the main factors that come into place with a destination wedding is will all your guests be able to get there, and will they be able to afford it? Again this depends on what your priorities are! If you cannot decide, how about taking a trip for the weekend to visit the destination, can you imagine yourself getting married here?

4. Style This is the BEST part. Have fun and get inspired!

There are so many resources you can use for this from bridal magazines, bridal fairs, online blogs & websites to Pinterest (which is my absolute favourite). When I work with soon to be brides, I like to create their own Pinterest account for them with boards for each aspect of a wedding i.e. flowers, wedding dress, wedding location, beautiful details, wedding cakes etc.

5. Get organised

The best way to start this is to write a big list of everything you think you need to book, plan, organise and buy. Separate it into sections, pre wedding, wedding day, bride, bridesmaids, details etc. There are lots of online resources available to help you make your list. The next step is to then start contacting venues, book in viewing appointments in a short space of time, so you don't forget the details, and so you can compare them all. Don't forget to bring a notebook and write down the pros and cons of each venue!

P.S. I have an extensive list available if this is something you would be interested in purchasing?

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, or would like more information on how I can help plan your wedding message me and I am happy to help you out.

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