Building a website

1. What is your websites purpose?

This is your most important step when thinking of building a website, without your idea you literally cannot even start. Everything else branches off after this main step. The best way to think of an idea is to think of what you are trying to sell, tell or provide clients with. Another way to think of it is, what do you want your customer to get from your website? Get your notebook out and brainstorm ideas, this is a step the needn't be rushed!

2. Get a domaine name

A domaine is your websites name and address. This should be as short and as memorable as possible, you don't want your customer trying to remember what the website was again, you want it to just come to them. Think of keywords that relate to your business, make a list of these and trial them on a website register to see what is available, you may find it hard to find one available, this is why this step can be quite difficult. P.S. .com is the most widely used!

3. Choose a website builder

I have built quite a few websites for myself and other businesses and to be honest my favourite to work with are WIX and SHOPIFY. It really depends on what you business is though, so do your research and look into the pros and cons of each. Remember to take into account the price, some are crazy amounts and for a startup you don't need this. What themes and widget options are available? Think of what extras you want to add and see if they are available. Oh and I nearly forgot, great customer chat support, trust me you will need this.

4. Choose a template A template is how you want your website to look and what you want it to do, having a range of stylish and easy to use templates will make your life so much easier. So before you purchase your website builder look what is available. Remember to keep in mind what your industry and niche is, look at similar industries to yours to get ideas - Pinterest is a great way to start!

5. Add pages

The best way to do this is to draw out what you want each page to look like, add what you want included on that page. This is how you will work out how many pages you need. Do you need a blog or a contact page? Remember not to overcrowd, keep it as minimal as possible, nobody likes too much information.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, or would like more information on how I can help you build your website message me and I am happy to help you out.

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