3 Skills needed for success as a FEMALE entrepreneur

These are 3 of my most important and valuable skills I think you as a FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR need for success.

Incorporated into this blog post are 3 women/ yachties/ fellow crew members who are up leveling their businesses at this vey moment.

"I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me"


This one is the key to unlocking all the rest. A lack of confidence is something I think we all battle with at one time or another. It’s a hard one and it’s one you definitely have to work at. If you want people to believe in your services, your content or your products and ultimately get engagement, an order or a client then you have to firstly believe and have confidence in yourself and what you are doing, if not how do you expect others to?? Show up, give value, be authentic so they can get to know, like and trust you!

Inspiring this point is @gutguineapig someone who has recently gone for gold, sharing her passion and her gut health journey with a goal to inspire others. L O V E <3


There are times in my business where I am so motivated that I don’t want to stop working and then there are also days where I don’t want to do anything (remember this is normal) Being your own boss is great but that also means there is no one there to hold us accountable and that’s when PLANS come into play.

So how can you get more disciplined? Set some attainable short term goals! List your goals for the next 3 months and choose one main goal to focus on. Inspiring this point is @veebock who owns and is the girl boss behind @crewprivilege She is constantly aiming for the sky and has the most incredible aspirations, even when things get tough she takes a step back, re-looks at her goals and makes relevant changes to meet and make those goals happen!


The difference between people that do well in business is that they are ALL IN ! They put themselves out there Every Single Day. They push through their doubt and fears and just go with it because they have passion, drive and they believe in themselves.

Inspiring this point is Gemma of @theyachtstew who is one of the MOST passionate and driven females I have ever met, her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious and she is always coming up with ways in which she can improve, educate and help others - Very inspiring <3

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I cant wait to share even more with you. If there is anything you would like to read more of or like more information on let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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