I am a holistic-minded Virtual Assistant helping female founders grow their business by giving them back the time to work on the business aspects they love. From an ex stew that gets it!


WHY? Because I have been exactly where you are.


I know that running and growing a business whilst working full time on yachts is A LOT of hard work. Trying to pack everything into an already filled day can be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes it just seems as if there are not enough hours in the day. Trust me, I get it!


I worked on yachts for 5 years whilst designing an eco-boutique womenswear collection Discover Boutique and managing the early stages of the business before I could take it full time.


I learnt the hard way. How to juggle, multi-task, how to be the CEO of every aspect of my business. And it takes a lot of time, which is often frustrating when you’re working so many hours on the boat.

That’s why I’m so passionate to support entrepreneurial women in the yachting industry who just like I did, have to juggle it all especially between the already crazy long hours.


I am your biggest cheerleader, the one who will offer you words of wisdom and be that personal touch to your business. And most of all, give you back the time and freedom to work on the business aspects you love.

Let me be a part of your world


What I can do for you

*All packages can be made BESPOKE.

"I have worked with Michelle for over a year now and she has been a pleasure to have on my team. She is quick to reply and has clear communication. Michelle has helped me save so much time, I wouldn't have been able to maintain my projects without her! She's an absolute gem"



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Freeing up your time to do more of what you love.

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